2023 Draft AGM Minutes

These minutes have been published after having been reviewed by the Committee so that any errors may be spotted and corrected whilst memories are fresh!

Download a .pdf file here.

If you think there are errors or any statement or question has not been recorded correctly please let us know.

They will of course be ratified at the 2024 AGM that will probably take place in April.

Viv Holt


Minutes of Burridge and Swanwick Residents' Association

58th Annual General Meeting Tuesday, 5th April 2023 commencing at 7.30 pm


The meeting was held at Burridge Village Hall


Ongoing Chairman Jim Wood opened the meeting at 7.30pm with his welcome to the 58th AGM of the Burridge and Swanwick Residents’ Association. He particularly welcomed any new residents and those who were attending our AGM for the first time.

(Around 60 residents attended the meeting)


Jim gave a warm welcome to our guests:

  • Paul Ackland a Coxswain of Hamble Life Boat with Helen and Gary;
  • Stuart Kimber from Speedwatch and Katie Strange, Citizens In Policing Co-ordinator and the point of contact with Hampshire Police;
  • Our local councillors, Seán Woodward and Joanne Burton;
  • And to all residents in attendance.

Apologies have been received from:

  • Gill Osmond
  • Carol Lewis
  • Richard and Debbie Colson
  • David Riley
  • Jill Spencer
  • Jenny Wood
  • Suzanne Boyd Wallis-apologies from the floor
  • Sarah Wood – post meeting


  1. Hamble Life Boat Presentation

Paul gave a thorough presentation about what Hamble Lifeboat cover, in brief:

-they are not part of RNLI;

-have 26 operational crew plus volunteers in total 40 personnel;

-video presentation about how they started (history and the fleet of boats they have);

-the area of Southampton water covered (cruise ships, car ferries and other large craft);

-on average 100 callouts a year and lives are saved;

-operating 24/7 365 days a year;

-volunteers are coming from all backgrounds;

-for shallower waters they are using FRIB a foldable rib;

-a few accidents and rescues were presented;

-Paul thanked charities and sponsors for support as there’s no government funding.


Q&A Session


3 questions asked one of them was if they can apply for lottery funding –they had applied but this was rejected as not meeting the required criteria.


The Chairman thanked Paul for his presentation.


  1. Minutes of the previous AGM in 2022

Minutes of the previous AGM in 2022 were confirmed and approved


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes

The following items were identified from the minutes of the 2022 AGM

- Parking at Botley Train Station

- Rookery Farm site update

- Completion of Whiteley Way

- Speedwatch

- Burridge Hall repairs

It was suggested they be discussed during the Question and answer sessions.


  1. Chairman’s Report – Jim Wood presented his final annual report



Throughout the year we have continued to check local planning applications in the area, monitoring individual comments from residents, and submitting our comments on behalf or residents. Sometimes, when appropriate we attend FBC planning meetings and submit representations on behalf of our residents. The Fareham, Winchester and Eastleigh plans are checked and reported on weekly. Each member of the committee takes a turn on a monthly basis to review the weekly planning lists and report on any new or decided planning applications. The committee then decides if it is in the interests of our residents to comment on any individual application and in some instances to consult with you for your opinions before we proceed.


The planning issues we recently have been involved with are listed on our new website.


We also make deputations to the national inspectorate as necessary on any applications that have gone to appeal.

The FBC Planning department keeps us informed of progress and on the Planning Committee decisions made.

We have continued to monitor the development of the Fareham Local Plan 2037 and the Government Inspector’s recommendations for change. We are anticipating acceptance of this plan at a meeting today and have asked Sean Woodward for an update later.



We continue to keep our residents informed of any issues via email and via our Facebook page. Our email list stands at 160 households. Again, this year there has been useful feedback to us as a committee which is really pleasing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you discover any local issue which needs reporting or investigating.

Any questions are raised at our committee meetings so feel free to do that if you have an issue.


If you know of any resident not receiving our emails and want to be updated on local issues and our progress let us know and we will contact them for their permission to be added.




This organisation looks after the whole of the river Hamble and its shoreline. We attend their meetings. Since our north western border runs along part of the upper Hamble estuary, we felt we should maintain an interest on your behalf.




We would like to mention our Burridge Pond Working Party who help keep our Millennium Pond in order. They meet at the Recreation Ground on agreed dates. All ages are welcome.  






After being on our committee for a while, I became Chairman of your Residents’ Association 12 years ago. Having chaired every AGM since then and approximately 57 committee meetings in between and, with my committee, been involved in countless planning and other local issues I have decided this is a good time to hand over my role, somewhat as a refresh, a re-invigoration and to bring some new ideas on the operation of our association. So, at the last AGM I said I would stay for a year to give a smooth handover to a new Chair which I am about to do this evening.



At this point I want to thank everyone that has been a committee member in that time for their dedicated work. We currently have a very well balanced, vigilant, and active committee and so I am comfortable with handing over. I thank them for contributing to the running of the association and for attending our bi-monthly meetings and their ongoing involvement and valuable inputs.

As stated in our constitution, the committee is responsible for appointing its officers. They have unanimously voted Viv Holt in as our new Chairman and I will now stand down and so in handing over to you Viv I give you my very best wishes for a successful future term. Viv will continue as Chair for the rest of the meeting.

Vivian Holt gave a speech, firstly thanking retiring chairman for his 12 years of commitment.

It’s an honour to be invited to take over as Chairman, I only hope I can maintain Jim’s high standards. He has kindly offered to be available for advice for which I am grateful.

We cannot let him retire without thanking him for his long term commitment to the Burridge and Swanwick Residents Association.

Last year, when announcing his intention to retire, he kindly agreed to stay on till this meeting to ensure a smooth transfer. This means he has led the Association for 12 years.

You as residents have benefited from this continuity of leadership in that many potential developments that would have adversely affected this neighbourhood have been refused by Fareham Borough Council. Undoubtedly partly as a result of the objections presented.

We on the Committee have all learnt a lot from his wealth of knowledge of the area and assessment of planning applications.

We have also gained from his thorough and meticulous attention to detail in planning objections and calm and patient attitude as Chairman.

In appreciation of this we have bought him a small token in the form of a couple of plants for his new patio. (a photo was displayed on the screen) We decided it was a bit difficult to bring them along tonight.

I invite you all now to thank him in the usual manner.”

Jim Wood was applauded by the residents.


Jim Wood expressed his gratitude for the gift.


Vivian Holt introduced himself.

During the 47 years I have lived in Burridge I have regularly attended these Annual General Meetings and have followed with interest and commented on planning matters in the area. However I was only co-opted to the Committee in 2019.

This has therefore been a crash course in Planning Matters as I have little previous experience of the details of the process.

Like me members of the Committee have varying degrees of knowledge of the subject but by working as a team we can tackle issues as they arise.

One thing that I have realised is most important is that when the Planning Officers and Councillors make decisions on our behalf it is the number and nature of opinions expressed that will guide them.

So we will continue to need your support. Whenever you see an application for planning that may affect you please contact the Fareham Borough Council’s Planning Team with your views as well as letting us know so that we can properly represent the views of the majority of residents.


  1. Election of Committee Members

The Chairman explained that following Jim’s retirement there are currently 6 Committee Members who were elected in 2021 for three years, are willing to continue and do not need to be re-elected this year. We have one new volunteer Eve Burden who was co-opted at our last Committee Meeting. Eve has been proposed by Margaret Holt and seconded by me and is currently kindly recording the minutes.

  • Eve Burden was elected by a show of hands.
  • There were no volunteers from the floor.

Our committee now stands at 7 active members.

As we don’t have a full complement, up to two further members can be co-opted during the year and would come up for election at the next AGM.”

Jim Wood added that the committee were very dedicated, vigilant and active. He thanked them for their ongoing involvement, reporting and responding to regular correspondence.


  1. Treasurer's Report

The Financial summary had been circulated before the meeting was shown on the screen and is appended to these minutes.

The Accounts were accepted by a show of hands.

  1. Any other Business advised before the meeting.

There was none

  1. Presentation from Speed Watch presented by Stuart Kimber and Katie Strange

Started at 20.35

-Thanks for help with the equipment from the coordinator of the group

-group started in 2020 then Covid struck.

-Reboot in January 2022 when they started coordinating successfully covering number of hotspot roads where speeding is common particularly Botley Road, Warsash Road, Brook Lane and Swanwick Lane

-Stats presented:

-Group was out on Botley Road 46 times and 29 times opposite direction towards Swanwick station

-Caught 1200 people speeding

-Sopwith Lane junction was one of the hotspot location. (36 occasions where volunteers were -watching speed)

-Now managed to pass over 2500 speed offences overall

-3 volunteers living on Botley Road

-4 volunteers living on Swanwick Lane

-Covering large area also over the weekends

-200 times out in 14 months

He was looking for support and to attract members to help Speedwatch.

This is an opportunity to make new friends while doing worthwhile job.


Katie Strange explained that speeding logs are sent to the Constabulary and warning letters are sent to drivers who speed repeatedly or excessively, no penalties this is more for education

Short demonstration of equipment didn’t materialise because of technical issues

Vivian Holt thanked Stuart and Katie for their presentation/ update


Q&A from the floor


Q What was the highest speed recorded on Botley Road

A : 63 mph


Q. From Joanne Burton

When do the police proceed straight to sending a letter?

A: Greater than 20 MPH over the limit


Katie Strange explained the objective was education, not prosecution


Q. Why not use prosecution? Should we be using different technology?

A: There is technology but they don’t want Speedwatch to use it and be responsible for issuing tickets.


Q. How effective it is?

A. We get feedback on how effective the technology/speedwatch is, there is a ripple effect as the drivers slow down.


  1. Q&A session with local Councillors

Séan Woodward presented his update on local development also thanked the retiring Chairman and Speedwatch volunteers for their amazing work


Issues – FBC Local Plan 3037 has been adopted by the Council. This means there is now an adequate 5 year supply of land for housing. Applications for planning not in the plan can now be resisted.


Whiteley Development - Whiteley Way should open in June 2023. Residents should then start pressing for it to become the A3051.


Rookery farm-Rookery Farm is still in HCC’s Materials and Waste Plan. It is not allocated for housing. He would like to see part of it used as public open space.


Joanne Burton presented her update


She thanked the public and asked residents to contact her with any issues that they may have.


Joanne now sits on Planning Committee and said that regardless of the Adopted Local Plan, applications won’t stop, she asked residents to make deputations(comments). More than 5 of these will then trigger applications to be looked at by Planning Committee rather than Officer delegation decision.

Joanne announced she is now a Trustee appointed to look after village hall, and is looking for new Committee Members to help to run it. She asked any AGM attendees who were interested in getting involved to contact her directly. This would involve bookings of the hall and other activities.


Séan said there were no local elections in FBC in 2023.


Update on Borderland Fencing (FBC website statement)

Fareham Borough Council has successfully prosecuted Borderland Fencing

The case was brought against Borderland Fencing Limited and concerned its failure to comply with conditions imposed on a planning permission granted on appeal in 2021, which allowed the expansion of the company’s premises at New Road, Swanwick.

The prosecution case was submitted by Southampton, Fareham and Havant Legal Partnership for the Council and the trial hearing took place at Portsmouth Magistrates Court. The judge found the defendant guilty of four charges laid in relation to the height of materials stacked on the premises.  Sentencing was passed for these charges, plus an additional six charges to which the defendant had already pleaded guilty. These related to issues such as working outside of permitted hours and failure to provide required turning space within the site. 

Borderland Fencing was fined, and the Council was awarded costs with the overall amount totalling in excess of £16,000.

Chairman of the Planning Committee, Councillor Nick Walker, said: “I am delighted that this prosecution case has been successful as it acts as a deterrent to others who are tempted to breach the conditions of their planning permissions. The Council works diligently to carefully monitor compliance with planning permissions and is committed to taking legal action should it be necessary to resolve the issues arising”.

Land adjacent to 83 Swanwick Lane


Fareham Borough Council refused a retrospective Planning Application. The owners have appealed. The Planning Committee is awaiting the Inspectors decision’.


Eyersdown Farm – 38 dwellings

FBC is really upset that they lost the appeal case.

The developers will now have to pass a consultation process with public. Residents will have the opportunity to share their views and concerns. Joanne is urging everyone to get involved in this. Then they will have to send reserved matters planning applications and this will happen in the next few months.


Question 1 from Bob Phillips About Fair Ways School

How much bigger will Fair Ways school get?


Answer by Joanne Burton-Because of the fire they were allowed to bring modular buildings for 3 year period. They have made a new application to put up a new school building.

Joanne said it is in the countryside that should be reason to refuse it. She is waiting for the Officers report. Hearing April 16th (correct date according to FBC’s Website but this is a Sunday!)


Question 2 by Peter Ellington re: 248 Botley Road, Burridge (Burridge House/Lodge)

Why was the huge prison like wall allowed on the road?


Answer by Joanne Burton- it is too high and not in keeping with the rest of the properties on Botley Road. Joanne said she had opposed it. Unfortunately permission to build it was granted.


Question 2 – Peter Ellington Also asked about 75m buffer zone between Whiteley and properties on Botley Road.


Answer by Séan Woodward- buffer is only 30m in Burridge and less (15m) in other parts of Whiteley. Original Whiteley plans that had buffer plans between Burridge and Whiteley and that buffer zone varies from 30 meters to 15 meters and they are fenced but it was never 75 meters


On occasion, following planning appeals, back land development has happened in Burridge and behind the monstrosity is exactly where that is taking place. Séan also mentioned the 248 Botley Road application that he was watching and fought hard against. It went to the Planning Committee who let it go through, so where there was supposed to be a garage is now going to be a house.


Question 3 by Peter Ellington Re: Land behind 246 Botley Road

Why planning was allowed for these very expensive houses to be built on Botley Road?


Answer by Séan Woodward–we were in a situation where we did not have a 5 year land supply and we did not had a local plan and that is why it’s been so important, because we were losing planning appeals. Buffer zone behind no 248 is at its narrowest point.

Now we have the new local plan in place to stop unplanned development happening.


Question 3 by Mark &Gill Goodenough re Road Drainage

Why is water flooding down the side of Botley Road in number of places


Answer by Séan Woodward-Séan said that he will contact Hampshire Highways and get someone to look into it

He said there are other ongoing issues one of which are potholes and that they are a problem everywhere, not just on Botley Road but in all Hampshire.40000 potholes to fill. On Botley Road signs stayed for about 4 weeks but nothing happened as we had a lot of rain and frost.


Question 4 Titchfield Haven question from Ann Ailes

Ann Ailes asked about Titchfield Haven Café


Answer by Séan Woodward- Séan said FBC had stopped it being sold by HCC by listing it as an asset. He hoped it and the nature reserve would be taken over by Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust.


Questions 5 and 6 by Gordon Davis

Gordon spoke about dangerous parking in Caigers Green requesting double yellow lines on junction with Botley Road

Answer by Séan Woodward- Séan said FBC couldn’t do anything about this as HCC had taken responsibility for Traffic Orders and wouldn’t act unless there was a serious accident.. Séan said keep reporting them to put pressure on HCC Highways


Gordon also asked about pothole repairs

Answer by Séan Woodward - Séan said keep reporting them to put pressure on HCC Highways


Question 6 by Eve Burden

Green Lane can walkers enter Green Lane from Botley Road as there is a new Private Road sign erected by residents.

Answer by Séan Woodward-it is a private road that isn’t maintained at public expense, but it doesn’t mean that it is not public right of way, people can use it.

Answer by Vivian Holt -it is a private road but the residents did not object to walkers – only vehicles. The Public Footpath runs from further down Botley Road behind the houses and joins Green Lane shortly before the entrance to Swanwick Lakes.


Question 6 by Jason Light Re: Public Transport

Jason Light stated that there is no bus stop opposite Burridge Road, it was removed few years back. He raised the possibility of bus service returning to Burridge.

John Wyatt said the bus stops were too far away from Burridge

Answer by Séan Woodward –there should be significant improvement once Whiteley is developed

Although the bus company have been asked to increase frequency the route is unlikely to change and may even be axed unless it is used more. Suggested he contacted Dial a Ride or Communicare. Dial a Ride is funded by FBC.


Question 7 by William Reynolds Re Whiteley Way

Whitely Way needs upgrading if it is to be A3051.

Answer by Séan Woodward - with the section from ‘Tesco’s’ roundabout being upgraded to dual carriageway it should become the more natural route for HGV’s to reach M27. Need to wait and see what happens to traffic flows.


Question 8 by Mr Burton re: directing traffic to use Whiteley Way.

Will there be road signs on junction of Botley Road to Whiteley Way indicating use of Whiteley Way to access Whiteley and the M27?

Answer by Séan Woodward- that’s what I have seen as a challenge.


Question 9 by Mr Gill

What will be done to the derelict house on roundabout (the old Thresher Off Licence Store?)


Answer by Séan Woodward – The owner of the eyesore property will be prosecuted after failing to comply with a formal notice.

FBC is fighting to restore the former Threshers Store on Botley Road as it is currently described by locals as an eyesore.

FBC attempted to discuss solutions with the property owner but says it has been unable to get a response.

FBC has issued a formal notice to the owner in March 2022 which sets out the works needed to improve the building and project timeline.

After several unsuccessful attempts to legally challenge the notice, the court agreed the steps for carrying out the works were reasonable.

Compliance with the notice was due by the end of 2022 but so far none of the required steps has been completed. This prompted FBC to prosecute the owner who was summoned to appear in court in February 2023 but request to adjourn the hearing was granted pushing the court date to May.

Séan Woodward said that FBC doing absolute best within the law to sort it


Question 10 from Tanya re: Litter Bins

Can we have a second green bin on Burridge Recreation Ground as especially in the summer the existing one is often overflowing with rubbish?


Answer by Joanne Burton-Street Scene making weekly visits and emptying bins but she added this to her notes and said we will see what they can do.


Viv thanked Joanne and Séan for coming to answer question and their continuing support of the residents.


10. General Discussion

Announcement of new website by Vivian Holt he has presented a QR code everyone can scan with their smartphone and this will take them to our website which now has been created – a couple of screen captures were presented on the screen.

By Margaret-litter picking –looking for volunteers (group) to do some tidying, forms are here to fill if anyone interested.

Before closing the meeting Vivian Holt as Chairman asked the Committee Members to stand and identify themselves so that residents would know who to approach after the meeting to discuss matters privately.

George Metcalfe – Treasurer

Gill Osmond

Keith Miller

Margaret Holt

Tanya Langenhorst

Eve Burden


  1. Close of Meeting.

The meeting was closed at 22.00.